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The impact of media and technology in our lives is immense. It is changing lives every single day, creating new employment opportunities, and connecting people all over the world. It is also establishing new relations across cities, villages, and countries.

Technology has turned the entire world into one global village. The term village is used here to indicate the level of interconnectedness between nations and their modes of direct connection, just how it takes place within the close setting of a village.

However, there is a communication gap between the local and the national people. Technology and the use of apps have surely reached the villages, but proper upliftment at the grass-root level has still not taken place.

The problems of the localities in distant villages are still unheard. This inconvenience is why they need a voice to spill out their grievances to the government, for them to avail the benefits that they deserve.

The IamHere has successfully been equipped to handle these grievances as they strive to create a social impact through technology.

What is the IAmHere App?

The IamHere app is a business cum social app which is based in Bangalore, and aims to achieve social upliftment of the minority communities by building up a network of interconnectedness between these people and the government.

The app aims to be the voice of this minority community to the government so that they can help the local people to meet their demands.

This social experiment builds networks and interconnections.

These local pleas need to be reported via direct messages. From here, the IAmHere app will search for your location on the map, appeal to the problems, coordinate with the government so that the issues can be resolved.

Some of the Key Features of IAmHere:-

Now that we know what the IAmHere app is all about and what its main object is, here are a few key features that the app  consists of:–

  1. Mapping locations for you to connect to the app, you must set your exact location after you register for it. This initiative will allow them to ensure that once your demands are delivered, the app can reach out to you and resolve your issues.
  2. Direct chats and calls:- Another very striking feature of the IAmHere app is that it helps people ventilate their grievances on a public platform. Once you are a member of the app, you can directly message the faculty or call on the number given. The app has always been very responsive and active on taking calls and messages.
  3. Sharing stories:- This is a platform where all accounts of individuals, their struggles and successes are showcased so that the government can know the sentiments of the members using the app. This feature will help them to look at matters on a personal level and accordingly take action to resolve these problems. These stories facilitate business promotions.
  4. Events:- This app organizes events on a public platform, where they meet the members of the locality and get to know about them.  The app looks after the problems on a one-on-one basis.

What’s New about IAmHere?

Recently, News channels declared that IAmHere is going to partner with Guidestar India to launch over 8700 NGO’s for creating business start-ups.

The Government of Karnataka will provide the funding for these upcoming NGO’s for the betterment of the people. This initiative will produce thousands of job opportunities, so the employment rates can go on increasing stably.

For this cause, IAmHere app has successfully procured the Elevate award 2019, for creating a substantial social impact through the medium of technology.

To be a part of this community, all you have to do is download the app on your android mobile phones or PC and get started. Click here.

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