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All the Kodi users have used many add-ons to watch the movies and videos on their system. Kodi provides many add-ons pre-installed for all the users who use Kodi. Whenever you use Kodi to watch movies you need to choose any of the add-ons and it waits for the server to respond to display the content on your device. There are many servers available in the Kodi and you may have seen the video or vidup as one of the most used servers available. As you click on it, a pop-up will be displayed to authenticate the streaming signals. But sometimes you may face error while using this server. So here in this article am going to share the solutions of the pair and pair stream errors.

So before going into the error and their solution let us know more about and pair. These are the site streaming server which helps us to watch the movies and the tv shows for free. In order to protect these servers, you need to pair these two pages with the IP address. But, during this process, you find some errors like https//, the, vidup pair, pair, https//, and much more. And remember that all these errors refer to be same.

How to Fix pair stream Authorization on Kodi Krypton 2017?

  • As you know it is necessary to use any of the add-ons available in the Kodi to stream the videos and any other tv shows. Choose the Exodus and then a pop-up will be displayed. It takes some time to load the servers.
  • Now, you can see the list of servers available and then choose the video server.
  • Click on it and “ pair Stream Authorization” pop-up box will be displayed. Now you need to pair the device from the link “”.
  • Since you are streaming some of the illegal videos from Kodi then it is safe to use IPVanish as the VPN which mask your IP Address.
  • Now visit and then it asks the user to enter the Captcha to active the Streaming.
  • After all the process and the successful pairing, a message will be displayed as “Happy Streaming”.

After successful completion of the Paring, return to Kodi home screen and then start watching your favorite movie or any other tv show. Remember that you need to pair server with the device before you start streaming the movie.

How to Fix Kodi Pair System Authorization issue on Krypton 17?

  • Choose VidUp from the list of servers available. As you click on it, you can see a pop-up with the message ” To play this video, authorization is required. Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network then click ‘Pair’.
  •  Make sure you use IPVanish as the VPN for your device. As it protects your IP address from the unauthorized users.
  • Now visit and the verify the captcha and then click on Activate Streaming.
  • A message as Happy Streaming will be displayed after successful pairing.

So, finally, you have paired the devices and started streaming the videos. Servers are connected to display the content only for 4 hours. Later you need to follow the same to pair the device again.

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